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[66.0]  MONEY


Before starting work on this campaign, the only knowledge I had about current armed conflict was derived from various news sources and books. One of the things that struck me as new to today's wars, is that many soldiers buy equipment with their own funds. In researching the Mercenary campaign, I noticed that soldiers currently in service buy many pieces of equipment not officially issued to them. It's especially true of the private soldier, often these men do not wear even a standard uniform. To add this flavor to the campaign, which certainly will add more RPG aspects, rules regarding earning, keeping and spending money follow.


Money in the game is in US denominations. Money may be earned by characters from employers, or it may be found. Money may be saved by various means as well as spent.

Earning Money [66.1]

[66.11] Players employed by government forces receive a fixed pay. The amount of pay is: (Rank X current base pay). Current base pay is determined by the GM as per the national force that the character is currently involved in.

[66.12] Characters in government employ acquiring money by theft or recovering valuables or money without notifying a superior officer, are subject to disciplinary action. Characters found out by their superiors performing such actions will have their HR reduced to 3 and rank to 0.

[66.13] Characters in private employ earn a base salary of (HR/Rank + Rank X BP (Base pay)). Characters in private employ  also earn bonus money for missions: a character successfully completing a mission receives: ((Mission HP) X ($4800 $300)). The mission multiplier in dollars ($4800$300), is dependent upon mission criticality (MC) (see 60.8): (MC X $200 +$(1D6 X MC X $100))

Proof reading note: The strike through the line approximately: "The mission multiplier in dollars…" is unintentional, please ignore it. I can't seem to re-edit it.


[66.14] Characters finding or recovering anything of value, that was part of the mission objective, may receive a reward from their employer: Procedure: Roll 2D6, divide the result by 2 rounding down. if that value is equal to the MC for the mission, the character or characters receive a reward. Other wise no reward. The amount of the reward is determined as follows: amount of reward = (MC X $1000000 X (1D6))/25

[66.15] various other means of earning money may be devised by the GM: a bounty for killing, capturing , or locating  hostile leader or person; nefarious dealings; etc.

[66.16] All financial transactions are made after the mission is completed.

[66.17] Only characters may earn money. 


[66.12] Money may be kept on the character's person, in the character's barracks, or kept in a bank. Money kept outside of a bank by the character may be subject to theft. "Money in the bank" can only be withdrawn by the character while not in a mission and requires 2D6 X days to withdraw or to deposit.


[66.31] Money may be spent on any number of items, including hiring other fire team men or fire teams. Additional fire teams and  or men may only be hired while the character is in private employ. Adding additional fire team members is subject to approval by the character's organization's supervisor. Many items can be ordered only by mail. and require (1D6 X HSR (Hot Spot Rating (see 60.9)) + 7 days to complete the transaction.

[66.32] Different players may conduct transactions between themselves but not within their own fire teams.

[66.33] Only characters spend money. Money used to hire a new man is considered "spent money." Gone. The man that the money was spent on can not be used as a source of further commerce other than as a fire team member.

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