The Time: Now.

Where: Anywhere. Anywhere decisive, violent men are needed.

Enter the exciting world of Mercenary, a combat adventure campaign based on the out of print SPI Commando  RPG game system. Professional soldiering in a modern, contemporary setting is the theme of Mercenary. The title of the campaign belies the fact that participants in the campaign do not need to have a player character or characters independent of a government body. In today's wars, soldiers can be members of a government organized and supervised armed forces ,and those same soldiers may be fighting alongside military professionals hired by  non government entities. What the Mercenary campaign seeks to capture is the visceral reality of modern combat, the difficulties of being a soldier, especially the private soldier. The campaign is very much part simulation, and I think the old Commando game system, along with its RPG rules, captures the modern combat into a realistic milieu. Of course, the original rules had some silly aspects to them, and what would a game be without that fun stuff? In keeping with the reality premise, this campaign will be set in real places, or as real as modern research technology can allow in an affordable way. Personal and organization names are fictional  to prevent potentially defamatory scenarios and game play arising. 

Participants play a single character or multiple characters, and each character controls a three man NPC fire team. As in SPI's Commando, loss of  a PC means the player's #1 man is promoted to PC status, so if one where going to get attached to anything, it might be best to get attached to the whole team. Combat is very small scale: if PCs become involved in major battles, their viewpoint will be only a small part of the larger whole. The campaign strives to draw some connection between scenarios, so there is a fluidity and sensibility to the individual scenarios. Consequently some new rules regarding time passage have been added to the original rules, but the game as a whole is mostly faithful to the original Commando system.

There are dictatorships to be overthrown, there are dictatorships to be started. There are leaders to protect, there are leaders to be disposed of. There are oil fields to be guarded and oil fields to be destroyed. Somebody needs to protect those supply trucks from terrorists, and if the perpetrators are found out, whose going to put them out of commission? There's a professional soldier for even the most under handed of operations; not much to say about those operations, and even less if it's botched up. Maybe the politics are repulsive, the money can be paltry, the job: exceedingly life threatening; it's the thrill of it all that counts.